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Applying Homeopathy & Bach Flower Therapy--Psychosomatic Illness

Applying Homoeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy to Psychosomatic Illness: A Treatment Guide in Four Parts [Paperback]
by Cornelia Richardson-Boedler

This is a unique and detailed book combining the best of Homeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy.

A unique and detailed book combining the best of homeopathic and Bach flower therapy.

Part I of the book contains various psychosomatic disorders with homeopathic and Bach flower therapeutics.

In Part II, a detailed materia medica of Bach flower remedies is given along with indications of homoeopathic remedies having similar dynamics.

Part III includes a Bach flower remedy repertory of psychosomatic illness.

Part IV of the book presents an index of plants used in homoeopathic and Bach flower remedies.