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Expand Your Practice
Practitioner's Package

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Homeopathy is a complementary healing modality that increases your success with all other treatment forms. Because homeopathic medicines work with vital life force by stimulating healing on energetic levels, they can be added to all other treatment regimes and will not interfere or antidote other techniques or medicines.

The vast majority of our practitioner students incorporate homeopathy effectively into their existing practices. The full Homeopathy Certification Training gives you a firm grasp of the Materia Medica and Repertory with in-depth case taking and repertorizing skills, knowledge of all the major constitutional types and complete competency for acute, chronic and constitutional care.

The Expand Your Practice Package Includes:

  • Homeopathy Level 1, 3-Disc Set with Notebook
    An Introduction to Homeopathy, For First Aid and Acute Care
  • Homeopathy Level 2, 3-Disc Set with Notebook
    Nine Major Symptoms Explored In-Depth, For Acute and Chronic Care
  • Homeopathy Level 3, 8-Disc Set with Notebook
    Constitutional Profiles and Case Taking, For Chronic and Constitutional Care
  • Homeopathy Level 4, 8-Disc Set with Notebook
    Constitutional Interviews, Repertorizing, Cell Salts, Remedies For Chronic Care
  • Homeopathy Level 5, 10-Disc Set with Notebook
    Psychology, Spirituality & Compatibility of Constitutions,
    Pediatric Care, Epidemic Protocol, Miasms & Nosodes
  • LHN Homeopathic 30C Kit with FREE 30C Reference Guide
  • LHN Homeopathic 200C Kit with FREE 200C Reference Guide
  • LHN Homeopathic 1M Kit with FREE 1M Reference Guide
  • Materia Medica and Repertory Set
  • The Biochemic Handbook
  • Certificate In Homeopathy from Learn Homeopathy Now

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