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Find Freedom
Create a Career

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Sharing homeopathy becomes irresistible once you take a few classes and begin to experience success with the remedies. Before you know it, you find yourself making remedy suggestions to more and more people, and taking the next level of training, and then the next. As your competency level grows, so does your confidence and in a very natural way, you find yourself with new career possibilities.

Hundreds of our students have transitioned into passionate new careers by taking their newfound homeopathic knowledge and tailoring it to their unique talents and desires.

The "Find Freedom" Package includes:
  • Homeopathy Level 1, 3-Disc Set with Notebook
    An Introduction to Homeopathy, For First Aid and Acute Care
  • Homeopathy Level 2, 3-Disc Set with Notebook
    Nine Major Symptoms Explored In-Depth, For Acute and Chronic Care
  • Homeopathy Level 3, 8-Disc Set with Notebook
    Constitutional Profiles and Case Taking, For Chronic and Constitutional Care
  • Homeopathy Level 4, 8-Disc Set with Notebook
    Constitutional Interviews, Repertorizing, Cell Salts, Remedies For Chronic Care
  • Homeopathy Level 5, 10-Disc Set with Notebook
    Psychology, Spirituality & Compatibility of Constitutions,
    Pediatric Care, Epidemic Protocol, Miasms & Nosodes
  • LHN Homeopathic 30C Kit with FREE 30C Reference Guide
  • LHN Homeopathic 200C Kit with FREE 200C Reference Guide
  • LHN Homeopathic 1M Kit with FREE 1M Reference Guide
  • Materia Medica and Repertory Set
  • The Biochemic Handbook
  • Certificate In Homeopathy from Learn Homeopathy Now

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