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Handle Home Care
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The Handle Home Care Package Includes:
  • Homeopathy Level 1, 3-Disc Set with Notebook
  • Homeopathy Level 2, 3-Disc Set with Notebook
  • LHN Homeopathic 30C Kit with 30C Reference Guide
  • LHN Homeopathic 200C Kit with FREE 200C Reference Guide
After completing these six hours of content-rich instruction, you will master everything necessary to homeopathically take care of yourself, family, friends, even clients. Level 1 begins with a thorough orientation of all the basics and then teaches you to extrapolate the major characteristics of all the most often used remedies to all their many different uses.

Homeopathy Level 2 covers the remedies used for all first aid and acute situations, as well as viral and bacterial infections. Special emphasis is given to colds, flu, fevers, sore throats, coughs, stomach disorders, and ear infections. With beginners case taking you will discover how one remedy works for multiple symptoms, how to discriminate between similar remedies, and how to approach more chronic symptoms such as allergies and migraine headaches.

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