The Create a Career in Flower Essences Program



The Create a Career in Flower Essences Program has been so successful and has generated 
so much enthusiasm, we are offering it one more time! I have received requests from perspective 
students who have been eagerly waiting for us to offer it again.

Once again, this next program will be capped at just 20 students, so this is your chance to apply early 
before the offer goes out to others.

Coming Soon: Spring 2019 
If you previously applied to this program, please apply again right away and I promise to preferentially
consider your application before others.

I'll take you on the mentorship program of your dreams. This three month, sequential journey, will
culminate with you established and ready to launch your dream career as a Flower Essence Practitioner.

This program is carefully created to inspire your passion and guide you step-by-step. It will give you
the hands-on experience that will result in confident success and a real, tangible (and lucrative!)
livelihood helping people.
We will practice and practice together until you are confident and comfortable consulting directly with clients.
At the same time, all of the carefully-arranged assignments will help you build tools for setting up a thriving, 
successful business.
I have picked and polished shareable tools that I have learned over the last 25 years of course and product
creation. I will be personally leading you through it every step of the way. 
Listen to what Graduate Susi Vine says:

Look what First Program Graduate, Kerri Starr says:
      "I have gotten more from the Create a Career in 
      Flower Essences Program than I could ever 
      have imagined. I now have the knowledge and 
      confidence to get out there and start changing 
      people's lives. Shelley, Michelle and 
      Willow are the real deal. You won't find a more 
      dedicated, authentic group of mentors to walk 
      you through this fantastic, life altering journey."
My mentorship program will give you:
Weekly video conferencing will bring us together for teaching instruction, inspiring talks, and tightly
focused assignments.  Recordings will be immediately sent to you via email to review if you couldn't
the live call.
No more floundering on your own trying to find time and discipline. You'll have a start date, completion
date, and the map, compass and guidance you need to make sure that you make it to the mountain top.
Weekly assignments will systematically help you set up your practice while you simultaneously apply
and strengthen course content with mock consulting practice.
Weekly course curriculum will lead you step-by-step to competency. If you have already taken any of
the required courses you will be able to take a refresher with discounts on CD courses and new coil
will be opening my rolodex to share all of the best resources for ordering stock bottles and flower
essences. I'll give you all of my templates for creating custom labels, client chart forms, and even
liability releases. Why reinvent the wheel whenI have already spent years creating all of these
indispensable tools?
We'll build confidence with practice and direct experience. You'll be mentored through comfortable
"partner-consultations", and then move on to more practice with friends and family. By the end of
the course you will be confidently consulting with real clients, and charging what you're worth!
You will become part of a private Facebook community, available only to Create a Career in
Flower Essences Students.  The group will cultivate relationships that will provide support &
resources for years to come.
You will receive a whopping 60-Hour Certificate of Completion by the end of the program! You will
take the certification tests as you complete the course materials and earn certification, not only for
the hours of courses taken, but also for weekly calls and assignments.
Does this program speak to your vision? Are you ready to Apply?
Graduates, Susi Buck-Vine & Jennifer Haskett describe their experiences:
     "The Create a Career in Flower Essences Program     
     was phenomenal, inspirational, stimulating, encouraging 
     and personalized.  Everything I signed up for and then
     some! Shelley and her team really pulled back the    
     curtain and showed me what I am wanting and what  
     rewards await me as I follow my own unique path.   
     Without hesitation I would recommend this program to   
     someone who is looking for the launch pad to manifest 

     the life they are dreaming of, especially if they feel the
     call to connect with people and help them to heal."

     "I can't believe this course is already over. Moreover
     I can't believe how far I've come. Four months ago I
     was wondering what I could do to generate income for
     my family. There are no coincidences. Right there in 
     my email was Shelley's offer to Create a Career in 
     Flower Essences. Her program offered just the right
     mix of practical knowledge, years of experience and
     hand-holding I needed to re-connect with these subtle,
     yet powerful Flower Helpers. I now have a career with 
     flexibility and marketable variations I never dreamed
                                    possible. I am a Flower Essence Practitioner!"
Why did I create this program?
I am blown away by the profound healing and drastic shifts in consciousness I am seeing in my
consulting practice! By using customized flower essence regimes with my clients who were
struggling with anxiety and panic, depression, loss and grief, addiction or major life transition,
I am healing them quickly and permanently. My success inspires me to share the 
in this work and enable others to create the 
livelihood they desire.

Who is this program for?
This program was initially created for several of my graduate students who wanted to help others
by consulting, but their lack of know-how, confidence, or follow-through prevented them from taking
their passion to the next level. Since it is such a complete program, I am now opening it to brand
new students as well.
If you want to create a thriving consulting practice using the flower essences, this program will get
you there. You will be able to incorporate other healing modalities and other professional pursuits,
such as teaching and working with groups, creating and selling custom blends in a multitude of
situations, as well as consulting with individual clients.
What LHN courses, kits, and products are included in the curriculum?
Courses included are Bach Flower Essences, Levels 1 and 2, Grief Relief, Flower Essences for
Animals, Overcoming Anxiety and Depression, and the Better with Bach Flowers Membership.
The only required kit is the Bach Flower Kit. I'll be providing additional resources such as digital
questionnaires, database and email programs, client forms and releases, and label templates
(just to list a few of the goodies)!
How soon could I begin earning income sharing the Flower Essences?
By the end of the first month you will have everything you need to create and sell custom formulas
to your specific niche. By the end of the program you will have everything you need to successfully
consult with clients.
What if I don't have time to complete all of the assignments, or I fall behind?
Weekly calls will be recorded and immediately sent to you, and all course materials and assignments
will be permanently yours. You will be able to eventually complete the program at your own pace,
and will receive full certification upon completion.
Graduate and busy new mom, Amber Romero, loved the Program's flexibility:

     "The Create a Career in Flower Essence Program 
     was everything I could have hoped for. From helping 
     to solidify my knowledge of the flower essences to 
     literally handing me the paperwork and processes 
     that will help me run a business, this course met every
     expectation. Shelley, Willow and Michelle were so
     knowledgeable and patiently answered all my
     questions.The course is very fast-paced but I always
     felt that, whether I got my assignments completed
     right on time
 or six months down the road, they would
     be there encouraging me every 
step of the way."
When does the program begin?
The beauty of this program is that will be scheduled to accommodate your schedule! 
We will get started in May, and schedule 12 weekly calls around any planned vacation times
or student needs. You can listen in from anywhere, or use the recording.

Upon completion, you will have the possibility for additional mentoring, and you will also have
continued support from the private Facebook practitioner community. 

What is my investment for the program?
Your investment for the program will depend on which required courses and products you already
have completed. Your application will help us determine your fees. To give you just a ballpark idea,
I've sketched it out roughly here:
$495 or $138 month x 4 installments 
INCLUDES: All instruction & mentoring for 12 Weeks, 
60 Hour Certification, all forms, templates, database 
Plus All 3 Hot Topic Courses:
Grief Relief, Bach for Animals, Anxiety & Depression (Value $141)
  • Digital Questionnaires: $35
  • Flower Essence Kit & Case: $233
  • Bach Level 1 Course: Retail Price $145/Program Price $116 (You Save $29)
  • Bach Level 2 Course: Retail Price $385/Program Price $308 (You Save $77)                                                     
  • Students who took Bach Levels 1 & 2 LIVE: CD Refresher, Including New Coil Notebooks: $128                                             
  • Better With Bach Bottles Monthly Membership: $24/mo.  All Students will be upgraded to
    Gold Level and given access to 6 years+ of formulas and video lessons - (Value $1,704)
Graduate, Kathryn Blanchette, raves about the Program's value:

     "If you want a Career in Bach Flower Essences, 
     this is the program for you. It is like a graduate 
     college course, for the fraction of the price, taught 
     by people who are actually in the business. This 
     course is Shelley at her absolute best. She, along 
     with Willow and Michelle, open their businesses up 
     to give you all the knowledge and confidence possible. 
     Every question is answered. You get practice with 
     others in the class, create marketing materials that
     work, and you see how Shelley, Michelle and Willow
     actually do consultations"
     ~Kathryn Blanchette
Your first step is to show your interest by applying NOW!
After you submit the application, we will set up a time for us to talk on the phone. This way, we can
make sure that this is a good path for you, discuss the exact curriculum more fully, and pinpoint your
personal investment and payment plan. 
Coming Soon: Spring 2019
Students are registered on first come, first served basis, and we will only be able to accept 20 students
into the program. The sooner you apply, the more likely you will be able to enroll. I would love you to
join me on this journey.
If this is something you have been wanting, let's make it happen!
I AM ALL IN--are you?
Here's what two more Graduates, Rodney Martin & Debbie Rumbo have to say:
     "I am so thankful to you Shelley, for this great program. 
     It was amazing as always. You and your team have 
     delivered again on every level and I thank you for 
     allowing me to be apart of this select experience. I have
     moved from a position of not really knowing how to talk 
     about what I do, to being able to declare: Hey this is what
     I do and who I am, and I know I can be of help if you want
 give me that chance."

     "This Create a Career Program has been great. 
     I loved your personal touch and practical ideas. 
     It is helpful for me to know how you have been
Having access to your business forms, 
     database system, letters, and other tools is VERY 
     important and useful for me. Seeing actual sessions, 
     protocols, hearing other peoples experiences has 
     helped me get my creative juices going. I  like to 
     know the road map well before I go blazing new trails!"