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Selin Gulac"Taking Homeopathy classes from Learn Homeopathy Now was the best investment that I could make for my family's health. I used Homeopathic remedies during my pregnancy and I had a delivery without any anesthesia with the help of remedies! I treated my husband for his fear of flying. Also, my daughter has been treated by Homeopathic remedies since her birth and she is a happy and healthy 9 months old now. Many thanks to Shelley and Willow for providing me with this wonderful power to take care of my family."

Selin Gulec, Graduate Student

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy was discovered over 200 years ago, by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, however, the basis of homeopathy has been around since ancient times.

Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars, or like cures like, which states that the same substance that produces disease symptoms in a healthy person, when given in concentrated doses, can also cure a sick person with similar symptoms, when given in a very diluted form. The Homeopath is always looking for the one substance that, in it's raw form, would give you what you've got! For example, we've all experienced running eyes and burning nose as we peel onions in the kitchen. A homeopathic remedy, called Allium Cepa, made from the red onion, will effectively dry up similar allergy and cold symptoms.


Unlike western medicines, with their many side effects, in homeopathy less is more, and the remedies are so highly dilute that the treatment yields no side effects and is safe even for babies, animals and pregnant women. The body continually tries to heal itself, and homeopathy assists in this process. Homeopathy works energetically, as it stimulates your body's own vital force and re-establishes balance in the entire being. It treats the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of disease. It can treat minor, acute problems to chronic and long-term ailments. Homeopathic remedies are prepared to modern high standards of safety and are recognized as complementary and alternative to other treatments and medicines.

A Familiar Remedy

Arnica Montana

Arnica is the premiere remedy for bruises, strains, sprains and swelling, due to its anti-inflammatory action. It stimulates good circulation at the site of application, virtually eliminating bruising if immediately applied.


Learn more about Arnica and other homeopathics in our homeopathy programs. Which program is right for you?