Learn Homeopathy Now teaches
about medicines derived from nature that stimulate your natural defenses without side effects and heal the underlying cause of disease by bringing balance to body, mind and spirit.

Our programs are self paced seminars, designed to provide you with the tools you need to use homeopathy and Bach flower essences successfully. After just one introductory workshop, you'll be on your way to experiencing the effectiveness of these amazing remedies. You can move through both certification programs together or individually, to more advanced levels of empowerment.


Homeopathy Seminars

5 Dynamic Courses followed
with Graduate Practicums


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Bach Flower Essences

4 Exploratory Levels that
Build on Direct Experience


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Additional Seminars

Supplemental Workshops
that Increase Success


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Homeopathy Certification Training

45 Hour Certificate of Completion

Begin an exciting series of five, content rich seminars that increasingly build your remedy repertoire, case taking and prescribing skills, and assure your success with homeopathy.

Forty-five hours of live seminars have been captured on DVD that allow optimal learning. All DVD sets are accompanied by outstanding notebooks that allow students to follow along at their own pace in the comfort of home.

Bach Flower Essences Certification Training

27 Hour Certificate of Completion

This astounding, three class series covers the complete system of the English Healing Herbs, discovered by Edward Bach, originator of all flower essences. Bach’s entire set of thirty eight flower essences is covered in-depth and brilliantly correlated with the system of Homeopathy.

The final unique segment, creatively designed by LHN, is a profoundly personal journey using the Bach flower essences for personal growth and discovering life purpose. Your direct experience leaves you with an understanding that is easily applicable for everyone you will want to share these amazing essences with.


Additional Seminars

Shelley and Willow teaching liveHormone Balancing

A three hour seminar to follow your Homeopathy Level 1 class, that thoroughly investigates effective hormone balancing regimes using homeopathy and flower essences. We will cover a host of symptoms that typically occur during every stage of hormonal changes from puberty to menopause and all that lies in-between.


Muscle Testing

Experience first hand how muscle testing works, pair up with a partner and practice until you are proficient at it yourself. We have distilled a simple technique that works for everyone and gives you the ability to confirm remedy choices in a very concrete way.