Discovering Your Life Purpose and Living It, 
      Flower Essences for Spiritual Growth.


Please take just a minute to listen to a personal invitation in the above video. For the first time in quite a few years, I have an extraordinary event coming up!
This Discovering Your Life Purpose and Living It seminar is capped at the first 25 students who register! There are a few seats left and they're still available at the early bird discounted price. This seminar is selling out, so grab your spot quickly!
This rich, personal exploration will increase the clarity of your own unique path and purpose. You will gain momentum that catapults you into manifesting your greatest desires, faster than ever before. Upon completion, you will feel capable and qualified to significantly assist others, both personally and professionally, on their unique path as well.
This hands-on, experiential workshop is only offered Live and in Person, in Sunny San Diego, and I will be with you every step of the way! It is a rare, wonderful chance to meet students from around the globe as we all come together on Friday, November 9th, for our evening Muscle Testing class. And then Saturday and Sunday, November 10 & 11, for our Discovering Your Life Purpose and Living It seminar.

This 12 hour seminar is the Bach Level 3, 12-hour portion of the Flower Essence Certification Training.

Here's the cool thing: There is No Pre-requisite to join this event! As soon as you register (if you haven't taken it yet or need a refresher) you will receive the Bach Flower Essences Level 1, 3-hour Introductory Course FREE. This 3-hour course is the only prep you need for joining in on the weekend seminar. And you can share it with a friend or colleague and they can come too!
Get ready for a light-hearted and fun, yet brand new and rewarding experience that will give you:
Together we will explore four areas of spiritual development and discover new ways of expressing our unique, personal path and life purpose. This naturally opens up greater channels of giving and receiving love that allow us to cultivate deeper, more satisfying relationships.

After you have completed this journey you will have many new insights about your own unique nature and how to use the essences to overcome negative emotions, old habit patterns, and resistances. You will have the ability to pinpoint and recognize anyone's stage of spiritual development and also feel confident to significantly assist them in actualizing their dreams. You will be a better parent, practitioner, and friend.

Our course notebook has been updated to include all the knowledge and resources that we have gained during the past five years since we last taught this seminar. New in-depth questionnaires, charts, interviewing techniques, and combination custom formulas are just some of the goodies.
This seminar is my way of celebrating two graduating groups of practitioners who completed the "Create a Career in Flower Essences Program"! It is the next step for many of them, and I know a few who have already purchased plane tickets to be here. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned student of the LHN gang, I promise you will make friends and collaborate with some of the loveliest people you have ever met.
You will add 3 hours to your certificate of completion for the Bach Level 1 Introductory Course, plus 12 more hours of certification for the Saturday/Sunday event, plus 3 more hours if you attend the Friday Night Muscle Testing class.
Does this program speak to you? Are you ready to Register?
Are there other courses like this?
Of course not! My team and I created this course, melding 30 years of experience with the flower essences and an integration of in-depth knowledge of the Homeopathic Constitutions. Add in my own creative experiences and techniques, gleaned from a lifetime of spiritual quests, and you have a seminar like no other!
Who is this program for?

This seminar is only taught LIVE because the personal exploration must be experiential and interactive. We welcome everyone who wants to become more connected to themselves and others, enjoys learning through direct experience, and wants to know more about the tremendous healing gifts of the flower essences.

Do I have to have experience with flower essences?
Absolutely NOT. If you are brand new to the flower essences, this will be an opportunity for you to directly experience the mental and emotional shifts they provide. The 3-hour Bach Level 1 course will give you all the foundation you need to be adequately prepared.
Can I audit this course if I took it before?
Yes, and there is a special auditors price just for you. Come be with the LHN community of students again and meet our new practitioners! Much has transpired for us in the last 5 years, and we are upgrading this amazing experience to reflect how much has transformed for us. I would imagine you would also find yourself in at a whole new level of development and have an even more evolved experience.
What is my investment for the program?
Your investment for the program will depend on when you register, whether you are joining in the muscle testing on Friday night in addition to the weekend, and how you want to pay your fees. You will see your choices on the Registration Information Form.
Your first step is to show your interest by filling out this form NOW!
After you submit your Registration information we will set up a time for us to talk on the phone. This way I can answer any questions you might have and we can pinpoint your personal choice of payment.
Early Bird Registration Ends October 7th! After this date, prices will go up!
Students are registered on a first come, first served basis, and to keep this program intimate we will only be able to accept 25 students. The sooner you apply, the more likely you will be able to enroll. I would love you to join me for this truly special event.
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If this is something you want, I do not want you to miss out! Let's find a way to make it happen!
Love & Light,