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Advanced Bach Flower Therapy

Advanced Bach Flower Therapy: A Scientific Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment [Paperback]
by Gotz Blome

Learn to combine Bach flower essences for more precise treatment!

For over fifty years Bach flower therapy has offered a graceful alternative to conventional medicine, an alternative that looks to the underlying or predominant mental and emotional conditions affecting a person's well-being and aims to treat the psychic, not the physical, symptoms. An indispensable addition to existing Bach flower works, Advanced Bach Flower Therapy further expands the boundaries of treatment with flower essences, providing vital new features for reliable diagnosis and treatment that make practical use easier and more effective.

Not only does Advanced Bach Flower Therapy include new comprehensive and psychologically sensitive explanations for each individual remedy, it also makes available for the first time detailed descriptions of more than two hundred proven combinations of essences that directly target the emotional source of illness. The author provides an exhaustive repertory of symptoms and conditions with extensive advice and suggestions for their treatment. User-friendly and scientifically rigorous, Advanced Bach Flower Therapy is the most important tool to date for anyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of the healthful use and benefits of floral essences.

Gotz Blome, MD, studied medicine in Freiburg and Bonn and has been a physician for over twenty years. He has written several other books on natural healing based on his clinical experience. He currently lives in Germany.