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How to Use Homoeopathy

How to Use Homeopathy (Health workbooks) [Paperback]
by Christopher Hammond

How to Use Homoeopathy is the essential and most authoritative guide to the use of homoeopathic remedies for both beginner and qualified practitioner.

It features:
  • clear comparison and selection of remedies
  • special tables covering fevers, headache, eyes, ears, nose and sinuses, throat, abdomen and coughs
  • safe prescribing - only describes those illnesses which can be treated confidently at home
  • specific identification of chronic conditions, giving advice on when to call the health practitioner
  • separate sections on childhood illnesses, travel sickness and first aid
  • 'Materia Medica' section explaining the most commonly used remedies
  • further information such as where to obtain registers of practitioners

How to Use Homoeopathy provides both a practical and easy manual for first aid treatment and a workable model for patterns of health care for the future.