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Childhood Ear Infections

Childhood Ear Infections: A Parent's Guide to Alternative Treatments [Paperback]
by Michael A. Schmidt Ph.D

Earaches are the number one reason parents take their children to the doctor. Though the most common treatment is a prescription for antibiotics, research into alternative forms of treatment has raised serious questions about the effectiveness and safety of these drugs. Parents need to be informed and equipped with the right questions to ask their doctors before they decide which is the best form of treatment for their young children.

Childhood Ear Infections is written as a consumer's guide to treating earaches and other ear infections. It is intended for parents who want to take a proactive role in their children's health by implementing preventative measures as well as taking the appropriate steps after an infection has taken root. Dr Michael Schmidt helps parents understand the underlying factors that cause ear infections and provides invaluable information on the correleation to diet and nutritional status with children's overall health.

Included is a checklist of symptoms that help to determine whether a child should be taken to the doctor for an ear infection. In addition, questions are provided for parents to ask their doctors (or pediatricians), including specifics about when surgery is the right option. A discussion of how to support a child who has developed health complaints due to overuse of antibiotics is included for concerned parents.