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The Vaccine Guide

The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults [Paperback]
by Randall Neustaedter

The Vaccine Guide gives consumers the information they need to make informed decisions about vaccination. Parents who face a multitude of vaccines for their children and adults who must decide about flu shots, vaccination for international travel, hepatitis, and booster doses, now have a guide to the complex and often confusing realm of vaccine choices. This revised and expanded edition includes:
  • Discussion of childhood and adult diseases, their incidence, and the likelihood of complications.
  • Evaluation of studies of vaccine effectiveness.
  • Toxicity, adverse effects, dangers, and long-term negative consequences of each vaccine.
  • Legal requirements, including legal exemptions to vaccination.
  • Updated information on new vaccines and the threat of bioterrorism.
  • Critical evaluation of alternative vaccines.
  • Treatment of adverse reactions.

"The Vaccine Guide is an excellent resource, providing the latest, most up-to-date, unbiased information for parents and physicians as they make decisions on safe immunization practices." - Marry N Megson, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Medical College of Virginia

"Aside from diet and discipline, no other issue concerns parents more today about their children's health than the safe use of vaccines. The Vaccine Guide provides a clear, well-balanced, and thoroughly researched review of vaccine use. I strongly recommend it for parents and health care providers." _ Robert Schiller, MD, Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York

Excerpt from book:
"Within six months of being approved and recommended for all children, the rotavirus vaccine was withdrawn. Later investigations revealed that government committees ignored studies that warned of the vaccine's deadly side effects... Most parents are surprised to learn that they have a choice about vaccination. Usually, pediatricians do not give parents any information about potential adverse reactions. They assure parents that babies need vaccines and the ritual begins,..."