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HOMEOPATHY Level 1 - 3 Hour Course on DVD w/ Notebook

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An Introduction to Homeopathy
For First Aid and Acute Care

Begin with this three hour workshop that lays the foundation for all the rest. You will learn what homeopathy is, how it works, potency and dosage. You will learn over fifty-seven remedies, with hundreds of uses, that are safe and have no side effects. By the time you finish, you will know the remedies for everything from bee stings to food poisoning and leave with a notebook that is an excellent resource for all first aid and most commonly experienced symptoms.

Finally, You Can Solve Your Family’s Health Problems with Safe, Natural Remedies and Turn Sick Days into Vacations

This is for you if you are:

  • Fed up with the drowsy, tired, even wired, side effects of medications
  • Maxed out from spending too much money on doctor visits & prescriptions
  • Frustrated with just suppressing your symptoms & never really healing your problem
  • Losing all your vacation time to sick days
  • Tired of feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed and burnt-out
  • Caught up in endless rounds of antibiotics
  • Wanting a solution to everyday complaints you feel hopelessly resigned to just live with

Can you imagine, knowing exactly what homeopathic remedy to use to stop a cold when it starts, dissolve back pain, end allergies, sleep peacefully, heal a cut and boost your immune system?

First, I’ll teach you why Homeopathy:

  • Works naturally and has no side effects
  • Is inexpensive, sold over-the-counter, easy to find
  • The safest medicine during pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Permanently heals & re-balances the underlying cause of symptoms
  • Is used along with medications without causing contra-indications

This time tested system:

  • Stops & resolves symptoms before they become chronic
  • Actually boosts your immune system and triples your energy
  • Banishes anxiety & depression, and bolsters your body’s defenses

Homeopathy Level 1 on DVD, 3 Disc Set with Notebook, 3 Hour Seminar
Our high quality DVDs let you enjoy a front row seat in our conference room from the comfort of your own home. Learn at your own pace with easy-to-use chapters and we will meet you on our (free & included) Q&A Teleconference Calls!