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3 Hour Course on CD w/ Notebook

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Are you concerned about the possible side effects caused by traditional hormone replacement therapies? 

This comprehensive course has been an important part of our curriculum since 2002, when the largest government-sponsored clinical trial, by the Women's Health Initiative, released the findings that traditional estrogen/progestin therapy increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, blood clots and breast cancer. Homeopathy DOES NOT cause side-effects and it works!

You will learn much safer solutions, for every member of your family, for hormonal fluctuations at every age and stage. From healthy conception and pregnancy, including infertility, to puberty through menopause--we cover it!

While you follow us through 4 real case studies, you will find your own remedies for teenage acne, mood swings, and PMS symptoms, like cramps, bloating, and hot flashes. We have men covered too with remedies for low libido, hair loss, cravings and weight gain, depression, anxiety and irritability.

This is just a snippet of the info that awaits you on your 3 disc CD set and 60+ page notebook, where you will discover how simple it is to find the #1 remedy that's going to make all your symptoms a thing of the past.