Shelley explains Certificates of Completion to a Perspective Student


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Bonnie Edmunds"I was uncertain and curious when I took my first class with Shelley and Willow, but decided to pay close attention when a homeopathic remedy suggested for me, worked faster than any pain medication I had ever taken. I was working as a nurse at the time, I now am a practicing nutritionist and homeopath. Shelley and Willow's classes have prepared me to handle most anything that comes my way."

Bonnie Edmunds, CN, CiHom
Owner, Amara Wellness Center

Homeopathy Certification

Forty-five hour training,
followed with empowering
Graduate Practicums

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Bach Flower Certification

Twenty-seven hour training,
followed with enriching
Graduate Practicums

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Additional Trainings

Two, 3-hour seminars focus
on Hormone Balancing
and Muscle Testing

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Certificates of Completion for Your Certification Programs

Students may request a Certificate of Completion upon completing either the 45 hour Homeopathy Certification Training, or the 27 hour Bach Flower Essence Certification Training.

A simple online test gives you absolute assurance that you completely grasp the course materials, and allows Learn Homeopathy Now to confidently issue a Certificate of Completion for your completed hours of training. This diploma will certify hours of completed study, not necessarily, competency level.


Graduating students will receive their Certificate of Completion by email, through a digital PDF and be able to print it out on any standard diploma certificate that suits their taste and décor! Students will then be able to use the credentials, CiHom, (Certificate in Homeopathy) after their name on any business cards or literature.


Certification and Licensure are completely different in Homeopathy. Various states have passed different legislation regarding practice on alternative medicine. However unlike many other healing disciplines, (such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage), there is no national or federal regulating body in homeopathy and therefore, no licensure. Each different school or certification organization issues their own diploma or certificate to certify the completion of educational requirements.


To apply for a Learn Homeopathy Now Certificate of Completion email: