39 Hour Certificate of Completion

This astounding, four class series covers the complete system of the English Healing Herbs, discovered by Edward Bach, originator of all flower essences. Bach's entire set of thirty-eight flower essences is covered in-depth and brilliantly correlated with the system of homeopathy.

The final two unique segments, creatively designed by LHN, are a profoundly personal journey using the Bach flower essences for personal growth and discovering life purpose. Your direct experience leaves you with an understanding that is easily applicable for everyone you will want to share these amazing essences with.


  Learn How To Make a Custom Bach Bottle


Bach Flower Essences and Repertory

This three hour seminar is the place to discover how these remarkable essences that all come from plants, shrubs and trees, work to re-establish emotional, as well as physical balance. Dr. Edward Bach discovered thirty eight negative emotional states and formulated medicines effective for depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, learning disabilities, and much more! His complete system of these English healing herbs will be covered in-depth, and with the brilliant questionnaire included in your notebook, you will be ready to begin making effective combination bottles immediately.

BACH FLOWER ESSENCES Level 1 on Audio, 3 CD Set w/ Notebook, 3 Hour Seminar Our outstanding Audio CD Set lets you get started right away! You will be able to replay it over & over again, and join us for our (free & included) Q&A Teleconference Calls.

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Bach Flower Essences

Now we dive even more deeply, exploring how the flower essences allow the personality to express its full potential. During these twelve hours of instruction, including video excerpts and more in-depth questionnaires, you will learn to create your own personal formula. Outstanding notebooks include a correlation of Bach's remedies with homeopathic remedies, creating the perfect marriage of two compatible modalities. No other program offers our unique understanding of the connection between homeopathy and Bach flower essences.

BACH FLOWER ESSENCES Level 2 on Audio, 9 CD Set w/ Notebook, 12 Hour Seminar Move at your own pace through this fascinating in-depth study with a complete collection of CD Audio. During your journey, we’ll be with you every step of the way when join us for our (free & included) Q&A Teleconference Calls.

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Better With Bach Membership Site


Your monthly subscription to video lessons and recipes for fantastic flower essence combinations at:


Joining this program GUARANTEES you that your life will run much more smoothly. You will be able to enjoy a steady regimen of flower essences in combination formulas that provide incredible emotional balance and support.

Here’s how it works: Once you subscribe, each and every month, you will receive a recipe for a new, perfectly timed, combination bottle and a list of ingredients to customize it perfectly for every member of your family, animal or client you are working with. These recipes are printable pages that become a goldmine-resource notebook that you’ll refer to again and again.

That’s not all: Each extensively researched recipe comes with a video lesson that deepens your insight and empowers you to use the flower essences for more profound levels of healing.

Don’t be deceived by our fun, whimsical names…our recipes provide some serious support! This past November, we created Joy to the World; a formula that conquers depression. We followed it with Silent Night, Sleep Delight so you can forget about taking sleeping pills, and then we saw the new year in with Just Do It, Darling!—a formula that propelled us into jumping into action, and creating and producing up a storm!

This is the best thing you can do for the health of yourself, your family and friends! Your investment increases ten-fold when you experience the emotional well-being that prevents you from getting sick in the first place.

If you become inspired, Practitioner Level Expertise is yours with just the Bach Level 1 course, a healing herbs kit & case, and this membership program. Join our members around the globe that found the confidence to consult, make customized combination formulas, and create the thriving healing practice of their dreams.

You don’t have the Bach Level 1 course or healing herbs kit yet? Don’t fret! When you join the Better with Bach Bottles Membership Program, you will have access to two, $24OFF Coupons to put towards your class and kit. It is all waiting for you at:  

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Q&A Teleconferences

Q&A Teleconferences

Access to help all month long, comes with your courses! We are a daily, heavenly hot-line to help when you need it. We know getting the hang of using homeopathy & flower essences takes experience, and we’ll hold your hand through the new and unknown.

Every month, we hop on a recorded call and share your success & distress stories. You get to learn in the best way possible, by hearing each other’s great questions and our informative answers. You won’t believe how provocative and stimulating all the different shared scenarios can be.

Join our calls live, or cozy up later in your PJ’s and listen to the recording. As long as you send in your questions ahead, it will be us, talking to YOU! The beauty of our self-pace, home-study training is that it allows us to be with you every step of the way. Years of experience have taught how to cruise in with the most helpful kind of advice, that assures your confidence and success. 

You can keep your passion percolating and take your knowledge to new levels.  On these calls, brand-newbies learn from beginners and parents glean insights from well-seasoned practitioners. You discover you’re not the only one who has fallen in love with these truly amazing holistic medicines!

Maybe you just want to find out more about what homeopathy is, how the flower essences work, or where your path might be in our programs? These Q&A conferences are your welcome mat from the day you discover us.Slip onto the call muted or boldly bring us your concerns; it’s a great way for you to check out what we’ve got!

Connecting couldn’t be easier, if you can dial a phone or hop on your computer, you can join us on these calls.

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Bach Flower Essences


Discovering Your Life Purpose and Living It,
Flower Essences for Spiritual Growth

This rich, personal exploration will increase your clarity of your own unique path and purpose. You will gain momentum that catapults you into manifesting your greatest desires, faster than ever before. Upon completion you will feel capable and qualified to significantly assist others, both personally and professionally, on their unique path as well. We schedule this seminar for you to take live and in-person with us when we hear that you,and enough other students want it!


This hands-on, experiential workshop is only offered Live and in Person, and I we will be with you every step of the way! It is a rare, wonderful chance to meet students from around the globe.


Together we will explore four areas of spiritual development and discover new ways of expressing our unique, personal path and life purpose. This naturally opens up greater channels of giving and receiving love that allow us to cultivate deeper, more satisfying relationships.


After you have completed this journey you will have many new insights about your own unique nature and how to use the essences to overcome negative emotions, old habit patterns, and resistances. You will have the ability to pinpoint and recognize anyone's stage of spiritual development and also feel confident to significantly assist them in actualizing their dreams. You will be a better parent, practitioner and friend. 

We schedule this seminar for you to take live and in-person with us when we hear that you, and enough other students want it!
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Bach Flower Essences

BACH FLOWER ESSENCES Level 4:  Work Is Love Made Visible
A grounded & practical, yet deeply personal approach to embracing a crystal-clear understanding of your greatest strengths and challenges (on a constitutional level) while discovering new techniques & formulas that increase your self worth, creativity, and productivity. End result: greater accomplishment, more abundance and constant gratitude, while you dissipate self-sabotage, disorganization and overwhelm. You will learn our newest approach to making “base” essence formulas that can easily be specifically customized for individual situations.
2 Brand New Bonuses Included: 1) Students will create an actual product line of Combination Formulas to share, even sell, tailored to their specific client’s needs. 2) Throughout the entire course, we will be available daily with personal remedy recommendations to assure your guaranteed success.

We schedule this seminar for you to take live and in-person with us when we hear that you, and enough other students want it!
Email us: YES, I am ready for this amazing experiential course!