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12 Hour Course on DVD w/ Notebook

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Constitutional Interviews, Repertorizing,
Cell Salts, Remedies For Chronic Care

This is where you hone your case taking abilities with repertorizing, repertorizing and more repertorizing! Practice homeopathic interviewing skills and develop more competence in gathering mental and emotional symptoms. We study twenty new acute remedies and explore the theory and use of the twelve homeopathic cell salts, using Virchows, "The Biochemic Handbook".

Homeopathy Level 4 on DVD, 8 Disc Set with Notebook, 12 Hour Seminar
Our high quality DVDs let you enjoy a front row seat in our conference room from the comfort of your own home. Learn at your own pace with easy-to-use chapters and we will meet you on our (free & included) Q&A Teleconference Calls!