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15 Hour Course on DVD w/ Notebook

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Psychology, Spirituality & Compatibility Of Constitutions, Pediatric Care, Epidemic Protocol, Miasms & Nosodes

The focus here is direct experience. Each of five segments is complete in itself. The first part is devoted to children's constitutional profiles and pediatric care. You will improve your homeopathic interviewing skills with authentic guest cases. An important sement covers the protocol for epidemics (e.g. SARS, H1N1 and Avian Bird Flu) and you will learn how homeopathic remedies are manufactured. Another segment is about nosodes, sarcodes and isodes. The last two parts are an exceptional study called, "The Psychology, Spirituality and Compatibility of Homeopathic Constitutional Profiles".

Homeopathy Level 5 on DVD, 10 Disc Set with Notebook, 15 Hour Seminar
Our high quality DVDs let you enjoy a front row seat in our conference room from the comfort of your own home. Learn at your own pace with easy-to-use chapters and we will meet you on our (free & included) Q&A Teleconference Calls!