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With Homeopathy & Bach Flower Essences

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Download this course to learn how to cope and thrive during challenging times. It was captured from a live, emergency teleseminar that was our urgent response to a grieving nation. Whether you are struggling with this tough economy, helping your children cope with disappointments, or grieving a lost relationship, homeopathy and Bach flower essences offer profound support.  

Getting You Comfortable:
Don't hesitate if you are new to these medicines. We start at the very beginning and explain how these natural remedies work, why they are safe and don't have side effects, how to take them and where to find them. We share our resources with you.

Giving You the Goods: We cover the top 5 homeopathic remedies, for 5 stages of grief, and the most important flower essences that shift denial, anger, sadness and despair into acceptance. You receive 2 excellent handouts to refer to down the rocky road. One even includes the recipe for a Grief Relief Formula that can be customized to fit each individual's case.

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